Album 6 - 2018 Photos Album 6 - 2018 Photos OPENING DAY - 2018 During the opening day ceremony the officers present the flags of America and Canada. The national anthems sound over the loud speakers while the players stand at attention with caps over their hearts. 205439750 OPENING DAY - 2018 The president of the Chamber of Commerce and chief Kids and Kubs publicist Will Michaels pose before the games. 205439749 OPENING DAY - 2018 Getting lined up for the "Ceremony" with the flags of the United States of America and Canada. Both national anthems are played during the event. 205439752 OPENING DAY - 2018 Warming up before the first game. 205439751 OPENING DAY - 2018 The short first base. Some slow runners have been authorized by the club to use this marked plate instead of first base after hitting the ball. It cuts the distance from home plate by 15 feet. 205439720 OPENING DAY - 2018 Canada's flag is lowered a bit during the US anthem. Many good players from Canada have joined the club over a long period since 1930. 205439753